And then there was 24/7/365 gas and diesel!

It's not necessarily a news story in most places, but Winifred isn't most places, so it's time to celebrate.  The CHS Big Sky location in Winifred just added a shiny new credit card fuel island, so no longer will people need to sweat out an empty fuel tank between Winifred and Lewistown.  And even more importantly, this makes it that much easier to visit Winifred and stay in Winifred -- with Winifred Grocery and the bars open 7 days a week, and now having 24/7/365 fuel service, Winifred is a place to visit and enjoy any day of the year!


Winifred Grocery/Live From the Divide Concert in Winifred

And did we mention that it's FREE?  That's right -- top shelf music in downtown Winifred and all that you have to do is show up and have a great time. It's happening on August 1st at 8 pm on the grass lots next to the Winifred Condos/Apartments (or whatever we are calling it these days) building. Tell all your friends both in Winifred and around the state, and let's get ready for one heckuva fun party!

More details can be found at:


"The Woody" Softball Tournament

I don't have any photos or information to share, but I know this tournament was played in Winifred at the end of June, and I'm positive that lots of people had a great time. That's why I'm using this as a test post.  In the future, somebody who actually attended it could take a picture or two and write up a quick email about the event and then send it to the email address for this page and that's all it will take to make it a part of the website.